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This weekend!! Saturday & Sunday from 10am-5pm

September 15-16, 2018 | The MassMutual Center - SPRINGFIELD, MA

For budding entrepreneurs.

And everyone else.

Democratizing cannabis opportunity

Making cannabis accessible to all through business, education & play


Work. Play. Learn. Succeed.

Whether you’re a cannabis expert looking to expand a serious business or a cannabis-friendly citizen curious about this new sector - there’s a place for you at That Cannabis Show.

Unlike traditional trade shows that only focus on executing deals, we blend business opportunity with community to support the growth of a healthy and inclusive cannabis sector.

By widening our scope, That Cannabis Show offers exhibitors the chance to connect with new and untapped markets while providing an accessible and friendly space for anyone interested in the industry to explore, learn and connect to a budding community. 

Find your tribe. Create your bliss. 

Something for Everyone. Especially you.

So much more than a traditional trade show. We offer attendees full access to an incredible industry and growing community.

Record it. Send it. Win.

Share your Cannabliss with us in a video 90 seconds or less. No need for a fancy film degree or production crew for this one. Just pull out your smartphone, hit record and capture the essence of your cannabliss!

Winning film to be featured on The Marijuana Show. 


The Marijuana Show

Known as the "Shark Tank of Cannabis" the show skyrocketed into a critically acclaimed television show with over 7 million views and the National press reached 250 million. In the 3 seasons over 20 million in funding was offered to contestants. 

This is your chance to be the Next Marijuana Millionaire!

Celebrity Talent

Meet Jay Chandrasekhar, Director, co-writer and star of the hit films Super Troopers, Super Troopers 2 & Beer Fest. 

Jay promotes the industry with op-ed writing and interviews on marijuana legislation and racial disparity in marijuana related arrests.

For the Ganjapreneur

Live workshops run by Karen Paull and Wendy Robbins of The Marijuana Show. Attend workshops to position your cannabiz to tell your unique business story to  investors.

Workshops include 7 Steps to a Successful Pitch, How to Value my Company, Joint Ventures and Start Your Own Hemp Oil Business. 

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$29/One Day $45/Two Day

CannaBiz/CannaBliss Expo Floors

Main Stage Standing Room

Entrepreneurs' Resource Row


$69/One Day $100/Two Day

CannaBiz/CannaBliss Expo Floors

Main Stage Seating

Entrepreneurs' Resource Row

Cannabiz Seminars

Bud Camp

Cannabliss Film Lounge

The Marijuana Show Auditions