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Be the next Marijuana      Millionaire!!!

        Audition for Season 4 at That Cannabis Show


What do a marijuana millionaire, a mother of eight kids who couldn’t afford Christmas gifts, a vet, and a prohibitionist turned advocate, all have in common?

The Marijuana Show, Season Three, AKA "Breaking Bud"

The Marijuana Show launched Season #1 in 2014,  and soon evolved into one of the top television shows about the Cannabis industry.  With over 10 Million views of Season's #1 and #2, the producers felt it was time to create their best and most compelling season ever, and will be premiering Season #3 in May 2018! .

The show which started as a web-series, up-leveled their second season and were picked up by Amazon Prime for distribution. The popular "Shark Tank for Pot" series offered over $20 million to deserving entreprenuer's, is back with a new, even more compelling format that lifts the veil off cannabis stereotypes and reveals the raw, authentic struggles, challenges, health crisis, pain and the ever changing cannabis industry.

Now, The Marijuana Show is teaming up with That Cannabis Show to host auditions for Season Four at their Springfield show. Register below for your chance to be the next Marijuana Millionaire!